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Correfoc in Barcelona, Catalonia

Experience Correfoc in Barcelona

One of the most spectacular (and slightly intimidating) Catalan traditions is called Correfoc, which can be translated to "fire-run"...

Dragons or other mythical creatures are often part of Correfoc

There is a growing Catalan national feeling these days. Many wants Catalonia to become an own country, independent from Spain. As many know, the Catalans have their own language and traditions. One of these traditional celebrations is Correfoc. When they arrange correfocs, a group of people dressed as devils gather to make a parade. They are equipped with fireworks and often pitchforks. There can also be dragons or other mythical creatures in the parades. Usually the fire parades go through the streets and end up at the local plaza. Drummers with traditional “gralla” drums create a unique atmosphere.

Incredible atmosphere during Correfoc in Catalonia

Participants wears capes, hoods and sometimes masks to protect themselves from the flames. The fire-runs come in different shapes and colors. Some are quite organized, where in other parades both participants and spectators run around and dance in the streets under a rain of fire. The atmosphere is electric! Drums, dancing, fireworks... An incredible mix of joy and excitement and a little bit of fear...

During the large Mercè festival in September, you can see several correfocs in Barcelona. This is a great opportunity to experience some of the most spectacular Correfoc parades. Correfoc is an important part of the Catalan traditions and is usually part of the traditional Festa Major festivals in most Catalan cities and even in neighborhood festivals of Barcelona.

Correfoc Parades - An important Catalan traditionCorrefoc is a unique and spectacular experience that we can highly recommend. If you are faint-hearted you might want to consider standing in the back of the crowd. If you love action and fireworks, join the party and dance in the streets! Adventures Barcelona can help you create an unforgettable trip to Barcelona where you can experience Correfoc and other exciting Catalan traditions!

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Pictures from Correfoc


Published 2015-08-31

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