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  • Basketball Camps in Barcelona
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Basketball Camps in Barcelona

Fantastic Basketball Camps in Barcelona, Spain!

The best Basketball Camps in Barcelona! A comprehensive basketball tour with great training facilities. Play against Spanish teams, train with Spanish trainers, participate in tournaments and see Barcelona's basketball team live! Unique experiences, great prices!

Basketball training camp in Barcelona - Tickets to Barcelona matchesBasketball Camps in Barcelona

We want to offer you something more than a regular training camp for basketball; we want to offer you a basketball adventure! Experience Barcelona's basketball team, one of the best teams in Europe, play live in Palau Blaugrana. Watch the stars fight, dribble and dunk! Feel the atmosphere and tension among the crowd.

Play matches against strong local teams and get international experience. Train with local coaches, improve your game play and be inspired. Try fun and exciting social activities like bubble football, quad racing, wakeboarding and laser combat. All of this can be part of an unforgettable basketball training camp in Barcelona.

Barcelona Basketball Tours

Basketball Tours Barcelona - Basketball tournament and cup in Barcelona

Spain has one of the best teams in European basketball, and the Spanish league is considered as one of the toughest in Europe. Barcelona has dominated the league the last 30 years, and became champions again in 2014. Come to Barcelona for a unique basketball tour and the opportunity to learn from the best.

Improved skills, better understanding of the game and strengthened unity and morale are some of the benefits of a training camp. Adventures Barcelona can make this happen for your club. We organize both matches against local teams and tournaments. We cooperate with large Spanish clubs and professional Spanish trainers who can come and lead trainings for you. You can participate in seminars about technique, tactics, gameplay and more. This is a great opportunity to learn from some of the best clubs in Europe.

Basketball Camps in SpainBasketball Camps in Spain

Adventures Barcelona is the best destination management company in Barcelona. We organize training camps, team building and take care of all sorts of sports travel. We can tailor-make a fantastic basketball training camp in Barcelona based on your budget, desires and dreams. We offer great training arenas and nearby hotels with excellent facilities that will guarantee you a pleasant stay.

We will take care of accommodation, transportation and all reservations, so you can relax and enjoy your stay. We offer a wide variety of activities in Barcelona. Adrenaline packed activities filled with fun and excitement and teambuilding activities, which strengthen cooperation, motivation and the unity of the team. Together, we can create a unique and unforgettable basketball adventure in Barcelona!

Prices from € 299,-


We tailor-make a training camp based on your needs:

  • Accommodation 
    Duration? Standard? Meals? Facilities? Pool? Meeting room?
  • Transport 
    Flights? Local transport?
  • Trainings
    How many? One or more courts? Matches? Spanish trainer? Tournament? Academy?
  • Activities
    Adrenaline? Sports? Sightseeing? Gastronomy? Pleasure? Teambuilding? Courses?

Prices from € 299,-

Package 1

This is an example of what a program can look like:

Accommodation and transport

  • 5 nights in a hotel
  • Full board, breakfast, lunch and dinner, wifi
  • Local transport


  • Daily training
  • Match against local opponent


  • Amazing Race Barcelona
  • Bubble Football

Prices from € 399,-

Package 2

This is an example of what a program can look like:

Accommodation and transport

  • 7 nights in a hotel
  • Full board, breakfast, lunch and dinner, wifi, pool, meeting room
  • Local transport


  • Two daily trainings
  • Match against Spanish team
  • Professional Spanish trainer


  • Amazing Race Barcelona
  • Bubble Football
  • ATV or Laser Combat
  • High Ropes Adventure
  • Tickets Barcelona Basketball Match

Prices from € 529,-


Great training facilities in Spain for teams on basketball camps in Barcelona

We offer great training arenas with good facilities. The indoor arenas are of high quality, with wardrobes and all necessary facilities. Some of the arenas include several courts that can be hired if necessary. Many of our partner hotels have their own fitness center, tennis court and pool. Some also have a spa area, where they offer massage, spa, physiotherapy and more.

Great training grounds with good facilities. Indoor arenas of high quality, with wardrobes and options to hire more courts if you would like to.


basketball training camp barcelona spain tickets

It is a great experience to see the best of the best play their sport. To sit a few meters away from the sporting stars that so many cherish as their idols, is truly amazing. We can offer your club this experience. We will get tickets for you to see Barcelona on their home court and experience world-class skills first hand. We also offer tickets to other great sporting events happening in Barcelona, like F.C Barcelona at Camp Nou.

FC Barcelona is one of the best basketball teams in Europe. Experience the stars and the atmosphere. We arrange the tickets!

Adrenaline and Sport

Action activities in Barcelona

The best activities in Barcelona. We can guarantee you a high-pulse and a great time if you join us kiting, rafting, skydiving, 4-wheel driving or any of the other adrenaline packed activities we can offer. Choose from a variety of other sports and outdoor activities like sailing, kayaking and beach sports. Great for teambuilding, experiencing new things and most imporantly immensly fun!

Action activities in Barcelona

Adrenaline & Sports
The best activities in Barcelona. We guarantee a high-pulse and a great time if you join us kiting, rafting, 4-wheel driving or some of the other action activities we can offer.



Play friendly matches in Spain on basketball camp in Barcelona

One of the highlights we can offer is matches against local Spanish teams. It is always exciting when you hear the whistle blow and the match starts, but it is even more exciting when the opponent on the other half is from a different country. Spain has many great teams, and matches against Spanish opponents will give your team both a great challenge and valuable experience.

Play matches against local Spanish teams. Spain has excellent teams, and they will give you great challenges and valuable experiences.


Basketball seminars in Spain on basketball training camp in Barcelona

We also offer different seminars tailored to your needs. Professionals within different fields of expertise can lecture on certain topics and host workshops. This is a great arena for professionals from different countries to meet and help strengthen each other's ideas and clubs. A variety of topics are relevant for these seminars, like technique, training culture, injury prevention, team management and more.

We offer seminars tailored to your needs. We invite professionals within sports to lecture and you can participate in workshops.

Events and Sightseeing

Events and Sightseeing in Barcelona

The best events in Barcelona. Experience the atmosphere with 100 000 spectators when FC Barcelona plays at Camp Nou! F1, MotoGP and many other events are hosted in Barcelona; we can make you a part of them. Join us for some great sightseeing tours, on foot, on wheels or even by air in helicopter or balloon. We can take you to amusement parks, cozy towns or attractions in the Barcelona area.

Events and Sightseeing in Barcelona

Events & Sightseeing
Experience the atmosphere with 100 000 fans at Camp Nou, or maybe join a guided sightseeing tour, visit amusement parks and attractions in the Barcelona area.



Basketball trainings and competitions in Spain on basketball camp in Barcelona

Exchange of knowledge and competence is very important in the world of sports today. We offer our clubs the opportunity to connect with Spanish clubs and share knowledge and experiences. Working closely with a foreign club can be a great inspiration and there is a lot to learn from a different sports culture. We offer collaboration with Spanish clubs, trainers, seminars, tournaments and more.

We give our clubs the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with local Spanish clubs when they are attending our camps.


Collaborate with professional Spanish trainers on basketball camp in Barcelonas

As a part of our focus on knowledge exchange, we offer cooperation with professional Spanish trainers. A Spanish trainer can be responsible for one or more trainings for your team while you are visiting. Your trainers have the opportunity to sit down, share ideas and experiences, and discuss training programs with the Spanish trainer. This is a great inspiration for both players and trainers in your club, and a fantastic learning opportunity.

We offer collaboration with professional Spanish trainers during the training camp. A great inspiration for both players and trainers.

Gastronomy and Pleasure

Pleasure and Gastronomy in Barcelona

The best restaurants in Barcelona. Step into the gastronomical world of Barcelona and discover the magnificent restaurants, taste the beautiful wines, experience the unforgettable tapas and explore the colorful food markets. We will take you to some of the hidden gems of Barcelona. Spend a day at the spa, get a beauty treatment, enjoy a wonderful massage and feel the energy come back to you. 

Pleasure and Gastronomy in Barcelona

Gastronomy & Pleasure
Explore Barcelonas gastronomical world with wines, tapas and colourful markets. Spend a day at a Spa and enjoy a heavenly massage.


Available equipment for basketball teams on training camp in Barcelona, Spain

We have various equipment available for our teams and customers. If you do not wish to bring your own equipment, we can offer you general training equipment like vests, cones etc. Bottles of water for trainings and matches can also be provided. Different teams have different needs, so contact us first and let us know which needs you have, and we will try to arrange it for you.

We have various equipment available for our teams and customers. Different teams have different needs, so let us know what you would like.


Basketball tournaments in Spain for teams on basketball camp in Barcelona

We arrange tournaments between teams of different nationalities. To face opponents from different countries provides great challenges on the field and is fun and inspirational for the players. We focus mainly on small cups without too many teams. This means we can offer our teams collaboration beside the matches, train together, swap trainers, attend seminars and exchange knowledge and experiences between trainers and clubs.

We offer cups between international teams. Collaborate beside matches, train together, swap trainers and attend seminars.

Teambuilding and Courses

Teambuilding in Barcelona

The best teambuilding in Barcelona. Strengthen the spirit of your group with teambuilding in Barcelona. Face challenges and solve puzzles that improves communication and cooperation skills.  Experience pure fun with a game of bubble football. Join a course and learn new things like photography, cooking or dancing. A great way for groups to combine learning with having a good time.

Teambuilding in Barcelona

Teambuilding & Courses
Imporove the spirit in your group with teambuilding. Try bubblefootball, amazing race or high-ropes. Challenging and fun for the whole group.