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Adventures Barcelona - Destination Management Company

  • Adventures Barcelona

    Adventures Barcelona

    We tailor unforgettable travel adventures in Barcelona. We take care of the practical details so you can relax and enjoy everything this incredible city has to offer!
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  • Training Camps in Barcelona

    Training Camps

    Bring your sports club to Barcelona for unique training camp! Fantastic, climate, great training conditions, matches against local teams and unforgettable experiences!
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  • Corporate Travel Barcelona

    Corporate Travel

    Travel on a corporate trip to Barcelona. We tailor unique experiences for you with teambuilding, corporate visits, seminars and a variety of excellent activities!
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  • Group Travel Barcelona

    Group Travel

    Barcelona is a great destination for group travel. We help you get in touch with the locals, enjoy incredible activities and have an unforgettable time together!
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  • School Trips to Barcelona

    Student Travel

    The perfect School Trip to Barcelona. Unique mix of academic and social experiences. Corporate visits, contact with local students, sightseeing and a great variety of exciting activities!
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  • Basketball Camp

    The best Basketball Training Camp in Barcelona! Great training conditions, matches against local teams, train with professional Spanish trainers. See FC Barcelona's star players fight, dribble and dunk, live at Palau Blaugrana. An unforgettable Basketball Tour in Barcelona!
  • Football Camp

    The best Football Training Camp in Barcelona. Excellent training conditions, play against Spanish teams, train with the academies of FC Barcelona and RCD Espanyol. See Messi, Neymar and FC Barcelona live at Camp Nou! An unforgettable Football Tour in Barcelona!
  • Handball Camp

    The best Handball Training Camp in Barcelona. Great training conditions, play against local teams, train with professional Spanish trainers. See Karabatic, Tomas and the others stars of FC Barcelona live at Palau Blaugrana! An unforgettable Handball Tour in Barcelona!
  • Corporate Travel

    Travel to Barcelona and get an energy boost professionally and socially. Meet talented local professionals and participate in exciting teambuilding activities to strengthen the unity and spirit of your organization.
  • Group Travel

    We tailor wonderful travel adventures in Barcelona for all sorts of groups. Meet locals, participate in festivals, try fun and exciting teambuilding activities. Together we can create an unforgettable adventure in Barcelona!
  • Student Travel

    We can offer a school trip to Barcelona with the perfect mix of academic, cultural and social experiences. Visit local businesses, schools and universities. Meet Spanish students and share experiences. Choose between a variety of fun and exciting activities. An unforgettable student adventure in Barcelona!
  • Choirs

    Harmony and great musical performances require a lot of work. Reward yourself with an unforgettable adventure in Barcelona. Join local choirs and spread the joy of music together. Come home filled with new inspiration, dedication and unique experiences!
  • Marching bands

    The highlight of the year can be an adventure in Barcelona. Meet others who share your passion and perform together at public events. Fill the days with exciting and fun activities. Create memories for life!
  • Seniors

    Travel to Barcelona for an unforgettable adventure together with good friends. Explore the city; experience the variety of activities and events. Enjoy life and everything it has to offer!