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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions - Adventures Barcelona

These terms and conditions determines which policies and obligations that apply between Adventures Barcelona and customers.


Bookings cover the services described in the booking confirmation. Bookings can be made either in writing or orally. Bookings are binding. When your booking is received, Adventures Barcelona will send you a confirmation of your booking by email. The person making the booking, is responsible for the booking on behalf of himself and the rest of the group. When the booking is made, the customer will be charged a deposit of 20% of the total cost of the services. This is due to obligations to service providers. Exceptions to this are if the organizer has special financial obligations before the start of the travel. The deposit is deducted from the final payment. The final payment is due 50 days prior to departure. All payments must be paid before departure. Make sure that the booking confirmation is in compliance with the order. Credit card payments are not accepted for group travels. The terms here do no apply if the booking is for a special offer with special terms and conditions stated.


Customers are obliged to pay the agreed amount before the due date stipulated on the invoices. If payments are not made when they are due, extra fees may apply and Adventures Barcelona can cancel the order. Customer needs to read and comply with the general conditions and the terms and conditions Adventures Barcelona has described in the catalog, on the web pages or in the booking confirmation. Customers are obliged to bring a valid passport, and if necessary health certificates, tickets and other documents that may be requiered for the travels. Customers are obliged to provide correct information and personal data. The organizer is not responsible for problems or costs that occur as a result of incorrect personal information or incorrect information about special needs for fellow travellers. Customers are requiered to obtain necessary insurances, e.g travel insurance. Customers are required to comply to the rules and regulations set by Adventures Barcelona and service providers, the local laws and rules by local authoroties and others. The person that makes the booking is responsible to inform and instruct other participants of rules and regulations and see to it that rules and regulations are followed by all participants.

Customers must abide by the directions the organizer provides about scheduled times, meeting points etc. during the trip. Participants must not act in a manner which can be of nuisance to fellow travellers or others, or create safety issues or practical problems for organizers. The organizer reserves the right to reject a traveler, if the traveler's behavior or condition makes it obvious that he can not fulfill the requirements of this paragraph. The customer is economically responsible for all his purchases, orders, use of minibar etc. and any destruction, losses or damage to the hotel, airplane, transportation vehicle, training grounds or other things during their stay. The customer will be liable for the above circumstances, and can be made liable for losses or additional expenses that occurs for the organizers because of for breach of these regulations.


Adventures Barcelona highly recommends all customers to buy a travel insurance. Adventures Barcelona do not offer travel insurance, but refer the customer to other insurance companies if they wish. Customers should also consider buying a cancellation insurance, and is obliged to buy any other neccasary insurances. All travelers must carry a valid passport. The passport should be valid for 3 months after the end date of the trip. Adventures Barcelona highly recommends European travelers to bring their European health insurance card.

Travelers who are not Norwegian citizens are obliged to investigate if they need a Visa to enter Spain, or if there are other rules that apply to them. Non-prescipcion medications can freely be brought. However, If the customer brings large amounts prescription medicine, he should get a statement from his doctor in English, concerning the use of this medicine.


If canceled earlier than 50 days prior to departure the customer will be charged a standard fee of 300, - pr. person and in addition charged for non-refundable payments made to service providers. If canceled between 50 to 15 days before departure, customers will lose their deposit, and will be charged the standard fee per person and charged for any non-refundable payments made to service providers. If canceled between 15 days and 7 days before departure, the customer will have to pay 50% of the total price, the standard fee and any non-refundable payments from service providers. If canceled later than 7 days prior to departure or not showing at the start of the the trips, there will be no refunds. For some types of travel there are a special cancellation policy. Cancellation insurance can be purchased from insurance companies.


Customer has the right to cancel the package tour and are entitled to a refund if there are acts of war, natural disasters, dangerous infectious diseases or other events of similar degree of seriousness as the ones mentioned, at the destination or in its close proximity. The right for cancellation under this section will not apply if the customer knew, or should have known of the circumstances when they booked the travel or service.


The customer may transfer the service to another individual if Adventures Barcelona is compensated for additional expenses and work in regards to this. This only applies if the organizer is informed within reasonable time before the package tour starts, and that the organizer and / or service providors are not bound by rules that prohibits the transfer. Airlines are exaples of service providers that do not accept transfers like this. The organizer can charge a fee for a transfer. The original customer and the new customer are jointly liable for both the fee and any other payments in relations to the trip. Customers can request changes to their program and Adventures Barcelona can assist with changes to the program if it is possible and the customers pay for additional costs and work in relation to the changes. The price of a trip is based on a specific number of travelers. If there are changes to the number of travellers, Adventures Barcelona have the right to change the prices, content and cancel the journey, without liability.

Adventures Barcelona is not responsible for the sale of flight tickets. If there are changes, delays, cancellations or other circumstances that affects the customers travels, the customer will still be liable to pay for accommodation, transportation, activities etc. that is already booked. This also also applies if there are changes or special circumstances in connection with third-party providers.


Adventures Barcelona is allowed to change prices, activities and conditions stated in offers, pricelists, website, communication and other publications by Adventures Barcelona. Changes in prices may be due to increased transport costs, changes in taxes and/or fees, and changes in exchange rates. Adventures Barcelona reserves the right to adjust the price by exchange rate fluctuations. The final rate is set when the last payment date. Adventures Barcelona can not be held responsible for errors and / or changes beyond our control, and we underline that our quoted prices depends on several factors, including number of participants, time of year, demand, service providers and time of the order.

Prices for tickets to FC Barcelona matches depend on the opponent and the time of booking. This may be lead to changes in the package price. Exact day and time for FC Barcelona matches are not decided until two weeks before kickoff. FC Barcelona does not refund tickets and Adventures Barcelona does not compensate unused tickets.


Adventures Barcelona is obliged to implement services according to the booking agreement. If events occur, that are outside Adventures Barcelona's control, such as change of hotel, change of transport, changing activities etc. Adventures Barcelona should ensure that the customers have a minimum of inconvenience.


Adventures Barcelona has the right to cancel a trip if it the minimum number of participants is not met. Adventures Barcelona is obliged to provide registered participants a written notice at least 30 days before departure if the whole trip is canceled. This does not apply to single activities. The operator can cancel a trip without liability if he can prove that the trip was not possible to go ahead with, due to circumstances beyond his control.


If the customer thinks there are deficiencies which gives the right to a price reduction, the customer is obliged to notify the organizer as soon as possible. Complaints about deficiencies, for example in regards to accommodation, food etc. must be promptly presented to Adventures Barcelona, so this can be corrected or compensated on site. If this is not done, later complaints or claims for compensation will be rejected. For other complaints, the deadline is 14 days after the end of the trip. Complaints and claims must be done in writing. If the reason for the complaint is problems realted to a third party (such as hotels, airlines, transport agencies etc.) the customer is not entitled to a price reduction from Adventures Barcelona.


All information about prices on the website, in catalogs and other materials and communication from Adventures Barcelona based on conditions as they were on kalkulasjonstidspunktet. Prices are "from-prices” and can change without notice. The information given is subject to changes in prices, departure locations, times and more. Adventures Barcelona can not be held responsible for typographical errors in our publications, website or in communications with customers.


Tickets for theaters, concerts, football matches or any other events ordered through Adventures Barcelona are non-refundable.


Adventures Barcelona disclaims any responsibility or liability for any damages (including direct or consequential loss for you or any third party) arising related to the participation in various activities during the stay. This includes activities provided by service providers and / or activities organized by Adventures Barcelona. Customers are obliged to check whether the customer's insurance covers the activities the customer has chosen to participate in. If participants are under 18 years, the person responsible for the trip will be responsible for their participation in activities.


Adventures Barcelona can arrange friendly matches against local teams if possible. All costs associated with friendly matches, transport, hire of pitch, referee, compensation to opponents will be charged to the customer.


In case of bad weather before or during the training camp, the training conditions might not be as good as the customers and Adventures Barcelona would have liked them to be. If trainings, matches, or other activities are moved, reschedueld or cancelled because of the weather or other circumstances that are outside Adventures Barcelonas control, this is defined as force majeure, and will not be compensated by the organizer. Transfers to other training grounds or locations for activities must be paid for by the customer.

Tournaments and cups may be cancelled, certain events may be cancelled or altered by the sercive provider. These are changes Adventures Barcelona have no control and therefore can not be held responsible for.


Adventures Barcelona are not responsible for changes that occur in schedules and programs by service providers. This includes football matches, sports events, concerts and all other events. Events like these can be chenged, moved or cancelled. Adventures Barcelona can only refund tickets bought for events if the organizor first refunds the cost to Adventures Barcelona. Customers who do not wish to make use of purchased accommodation, transport and other activities can not expect refunds because Adventures Barcelona will not receive refunds from the transport company, hotel or service providers.


The terms and conditions in this document is a translation of the official terms and conditions in Norwegian ( If there is doubt, the official Norwegian version surpasses the English translation.

Customers should refer to the Package Tours Act of 25.8.1995 and subsequent amendments, as well as General Terms and Conditions for Packag Travel valid from 01.04.2007. Adventures Barcelona reserve the right to change information before an agreement is concluded.