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Bubble football - Excellent teambuilding in Barcelona

Play Bubble Football in Barcelona

Bubble football is one of the newest (and funniest) activities we can offer groups visiting Barcelona... 

Play Bubble Football or Bubble Soccer in Barcelona, Spain

There are many different ways to play football, but we dare claim this might be the most fun of them all. The players each put on a giant plastic bubble and then the game begins. Run, tackle, bump, stumble and maybe even score a couple of goals. Mostly likely, it will not be TIKI-TAKA football, but we can guarantee many laughs.

Funny video of Bubble football match - Now you can play bubble soccer too!Bubble-football is an excellent activity for all types of groups, whether you are a group of students, sports club or a corporate group, you will have a great time. This can also be a teambuilding activity to lift the spirit in the group. This is a game where everything is allowed, everything goes, and everything is fun! Bubble-football is an exclusive offer to customers of Adventures Barcelona.

The well-known Norwegian TV show "Golden Goal" tried bubble football a while back. The result was one of the funniest clips throughout that season. Here you can see what happened when the Norwegian football teams Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg played each other in a game of Bubble football:


Published 2015-04-13


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