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Easter celebrations in Barcelona and Granada

Easter holidays in Barcelona and Granada

Taking part in the Easter celebrations in a catholic country is a unique experience to many of us... 

Easter Holidays in Barcelona

The Easter holidays are filled with parades, processions, and several spectacular events. The emotions are strong and intense. No matter if Easter has a special significance for you or not, being part of the Easter celebrations in Spain will make an impression on you. Marching band celebrating easter in Granada

In Barcelona, the processions lead to the impressive cathedral in the old city. The church square with the cathedral in the background provides a beautiful setting. Participants of the processions often wear hoods and robes. Giant floats with icons and statues are carried through the streets.

Granada is known for having some of the most magnificent Easter parades. Beautifully decorated floats are carried through the narrow streets of the city. There are parades every day, some of which go on into the late nights. A huge crowd follows the processions and the atmosphere is amazing. It is really a unique experience to be a part of these events. We can highly recommend visiting Barcelona or other parts of Spain during Easter holidays.  

You can see pictures from the Easter celebrations in Barcelona and Granada in our gallery: Eater holidays in Barcelona and Granada

Easter parade in Granada


Published 2015-04-09


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