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Great new attraction

Port Aventura's brand new attraction for the season is a boat ride, ready to set yet another record! The longest circuit in Europe! Inspired by the great Temple of Angkor, considered the largest religious structure ever built and one of the most important archaeological treasures in the world... 

This new experience at PortAventura will transport you to unimaginable places for you to discover unique and unforgettable experiences.Board the boat in the temple and start your adventure through the jungle! Use your water cannon to shoot at the pythons, monkeys and tiger found in the temple, so that your boat can freely pass through. Continuing along your watery journey, you will enter a real town where you have to hit targets before the locals will let you carry on your way. Finally, the naval battle awaits ... Who will win? In this latest part of PortAventura's brand new attraction for 2014, the route is tortuous and the other boats are close enough for you to shoot at and win the battle but... beware! The others will not stand still, and they are not the only ones that can fight against you! From the bridge, and areas around the canal, amidst vegetation and beaches surrounding the boat trip, others may shoot at you with their water cannons and make it impossible to arrive at the temple to disembark. You have to be very attentive! Are you ready to dive into this new adventure? A new PortAventura family attraction which enables you to master a boat full of animals, exotic vegetation, temples and a final battle to disembark a hero adventure you just cannot miss!


Source: Port Aventura


Adventures Barcelona offers unforgettable travel adventures in Barcelona for groups, corporate, sports clubs, and students. If you are looking for group travels, training camps, company trips or student trips to Spain, contact us! Together with you, we will try to create your dream trip to Barcelona!

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