We tailor-make the offer you are looking for!

These price examples are based on packages that are popular among our customers. You get a varied and exciting program with a great mix activities. Different groups have different needs, therefor we tailor-make the offer you would like. Both the program and the price can be adjusted according to your wishes. Please contact us, so we can put together a unique and eventful stay for you. 


Adventures Barcelona tailors the program to your wishes, needs and budget. We wish to make the best adventure possible for you within your budget. We will give you tips and advice to make your program optimal. We can create trips from € 299,-. The price depends on the time of year, the standard of accommodation and the types of activities you wish to include in the trip.


It is wise to start planning early so we can book your desired hotel and get the best flights. We will assist you through the process and find the best deals for you. We organize adventures throughout the whole year. It is worth noting that prices vary greatly depending on whether it is high season or not. 


With Adventures Barcelona, you get personal support. You are welcomed at the airport by a pleasant host when you land and taken care of throughout your whole stay. If something occurs during your stay, we are present and available for you. The combination of our local expertise and Scandinavian background makes it easier for us to understand the customer's expectations and predict possible cultural challenges. We and our partners will do everything to give you a training camp that meets your expectations, without any surprises along the way.


  • We reserve the right to make changes to prices and content. Prices and content depend on multiple factors, like number of travellers, time of year, demand and time of booking.
  • The price of tickets for FC Barcelona matches depend on who they are playing against, and the time of booking. This can affect the price of the package.
  • We reserve the right to make changes based on errors and/or factors beyond our control.
  • The exact time of kick-off for FC Barcelona matches is not set until about 2 weeks before the match. This means matches can be played either Saturday or Sunday. This needs to be taken into consideration when planning your stay. FC Barcelona does not refund tickets.
  • The included meals are served at the hotel.

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